About us

Vereniging van Chinese Wetenschappers en Ingenieurs in Nederland (VCWI)
Association of Chinese Scientists and Engineers in the Netherlands
Founded in 1997, VCWI (Vereniging van Chinese Wetenschappers en Ingenieurs in Nederland) is a non-profit, independent association that consists of a group of highly educated Chinese in the Netherlands who are being employed by research institutions, industrial sectors, universities and governmental departments in the Netherlands.

The objects of VCWI are to set up a communication network among Chinese scholars and engineers in the Netherlands; to promote Sino-Dutch bilateral exchanges and co-operations in terms of science, education, technology, commercial and business; and to help members integrated with local society.


Currently, VCWI has more than 500 registered members, among them 33% holding PhD degrees (Doctorates), 39% holding Master’s degree, and the rest 28% holding Bachlor’s degrees.

There are two unique characteristics of the VCWI member composition. Members possess dual-culture due to the fact that they are working and living in the Netherlands with mainly mainland-China origins. Members are highly educated professionals with mostly technical background.


During the past years, VCWI has organised various attractive activities such as annual VCWI talent forum, annual VCWI meeting, workshops, symposia, seminar, summer’s camping, children concert, weekend vacation, tabletennis, bowling, badminton tournament and get-together dinners, and so forth. We can group roughly the activities as follows.

Promoting exchange/ cooperation between the Netherlands and China. For example, seminars, workshops and forums on Science & Education, EU and China; colloquium about exploring business and markets in both Netherlands and China; maintaining and developing contacts in China by providing help to Dutch institutes interested in China; hosting Chinese delegations; and visiting China with cooperations intention and proposed projects.

Organizing friendly, leisure and communication network and activities. For example, summer camping and weekend vacations; sports of badminton, tabletennis, bowling, bridge; seminars on better living in the Netherlands; children and other family activities, as well as get-together dinners.

Each year, VCWI organizes an annual meeting with interesting topics and home affairs. With VCWI newsletters, website, email facilities and networking, we provide a meeting and networking platform for both our VCWI members and outside world.


VCWI is a non-profit, independent organisation in the Netherlands. We welcome all kinds of sponsorships. For the fast development and great achievements, we appreciate greatly and would like to thank all the supports from our sponsors.

Please use the following account for all your contributions and donations


Girorekening: 6199668

Hongerberg 22, 5508 BP Veldhoven

VCWI Board and contact

VCWI board performs the leadership and administration of the association. All of the VCWI board members and other worker are volunteers. The board is elected in the VCWI annual meetings every 2 years. The current VCWI board (the 10th board) has been serving from 12/2017.

You are welcome to make contact with VCWI:

Email: Board@VCWI.NL

Website: WWW.VCWI.NL

Postal Address: VCWI, Postbus 308, 5500 AH Veldhoven, the Netherlands