Our Mission and Vision

The VCWI places an emphasis on our community, and works to connect and aid the establishing of Chinese professionals in the Netherlands. Our organization abides by three core values:

  • Establish, expand, and empower the social network of Chinese professionals in the Netherlands

  • Support the integration of Chinese professionals into Dutch society and facilitate their development in the Netherlands

  • Promote exchanges between the Chinese and Dutch communities

Our Organizing Committee

The VCWI organizing committee is composed of volunteers who together contribute to the organizing of our events. The organization is separated into two groups: The wider committee and the board of directors. The chairman of the VCWI leads the organization as a whole, and is elected approximately every two years.

Current Chairman: Xiyu Ouyang, PhD

Yonghui Li: Board of Directors

Zixian Bao: Board of Directors

Zhongxuan Ma: Board of Directors

Yue Li: Board of Directors

Zhenyu Gao

Chenhui Chang

Jianyao Jin

Yang Qiu

Zhi Gao

Vicky Peng

Qi Geng