第十二届VCWI人才论坛 干货满满!大受启发! 2022年7月2日,由荷兰华人学者与工程师协会(VCWI)主办的第十二届人才论坛在荷兰海牙成功举办。值此中荷建交50周年暨VCWI成立25周年之际,VCWI人才论坛在历经了疫情期间的两届线上活动后终于回归线下。职场达人嘉宾们与上百位观众齐聚一堂,分享了各自职场中的经历与感悟。通过互动环节,嘉宾们还对到场观众进行了面对面的交流和指导。 本次人才论坛分为主题演讲、大咖面对面和圆桌论坛三个部分,由VCWI团队的刘真博士、高直先生和鲍子贤女士主持。作为开场,VCWI第十二届理事会主席翁湘闽先生首先介绍了协会的理念和担当。随后,中国驻荷兰大使馆科技文化参赞苏光明先生致辞,预祝活动成功举办。 中国驻荷兰使馆科技文化参赞 苏光明 VCWI第十二届理事会主席 翁湘闽 本次活动我们很荣幸地邀请到了金志刚先生 (Global HR Director @Cargill),杨波先生 (President @Hikvision Europe),窦莹颖博士 (Associate Director @Kite Pharma),李锘先生 (Head of Restaurant Operations EMEA @Uber Eats),李轩琦博士 (Director Business Development @Luxexcel)、李察博士(Electrification Integrator @Shell),武冠男先生 (Global VP @Navee),钟莉女士 (Enterprise Digital Specialist Manager @Microsoft) 和唐保军博士 (Director Quality Management @Infineon Technologies)作为嘉宾出席并参与到活动的三个环节中。 演讲嘉宾(左起):李轩琦、杨波、金志刚、李诺、窦莹颖 “大咖面对面”环节 最后,当天到场的VCWI会员共同选举产生了协会第十三届理事会。欧阳喜雨、李永辉、李越、鲍子贤和马忠轩当选新一届理事会成员。其中欧阳喜雨博士被推选为VCWI第十三届理事会主席。 荷兰华人学者与工程师协会运营团队 论坛精彩瞬间

2019 VCWI 9th Talent Forum

Are you a graduate and willing to know more about future career? Are you currently working but desire to solve some occupation bottlenecks? Or maybe you are a scientific researcher and curious about the trend and scientific environment? If you are, welcome to the 2019 VCWI 9th Talent Forum! We are going to go through lots of nice events together...

The 8th Talent Forum

Part of Dutch Technology Week In previous VCWI Talent Forums, every time, over two hundred members, scholars, students and Medias were attracted to attend. The Forums were supported by Chinese Embassy in the Netherlands, and get the sponsorship from many top companies such as British Petroleum, ASML and so on. This year, VCWI would like to provide a chance for Career...